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Корпоративное и индивидуальное обучение иностранным языкам обычно заказывают компании или...

Гибкий график, индивидульный подход, большой выбор программ, скоростной английский, новейшие методики...

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Морфологический состав предлогов

Предлоги бывают:

Рука и мел

  1. Простые, или первичные: at, by, to, up, from, till, with, on, of, in и др.
  2. Производные, образованные из других частей речи, включая наречия и причастия: outside, inside, before, except и др.
  3. Составные (предложные сочетания): instead of, in spite of, in case of, in view of, according to, in accordance with, because of, in addition to и др.

Упражнение 1. Вставьте предлоги at, in.

1) What time do you generally go to your work … summer and … winter? 2) Where would you like to spend your summer holidays … the south or … the north? 3) Many countries were … war then. 4) What are you working … ? 5) Is it advisable to spend hours and hours … the sun? 6) Will you be … home … three hours’ time? 7) Does your dog bark … strangers? 8) Have you ever slept … the open air … warm weather?

Упражнение 2. Вставьте предлоги to, into.

1) Every morning we go … work, and in the evening we sometimes go … restaurants. 2) He was always kind … anybody who came to see him. 3) Throw the paper … the fire. 4) When school was over, the children ran out … the street. 5) Put your money … your pocket lest it should be stolen. 6) It is just the same … me. 7) Is it convenient … you to come at 7 o’clock? 8) Do you like writing … dictation? 9) This is an exception … the rule. 10) Something is wrong, will you look … the matter? 11) We live quite close … the university. 12) I will always object … your coming so late.

Упражнение 3. Вставьте предлоги at, to, in, into.

1) People interested … geology should go … the Ural Mountains, which are rich … minerals; they will be surprised … the great number of specimens found there. 2) … my opinion you are good … languages, but bad … algebra; you must work … it more. 3) Look for this expression … the top of page fifty-nine … the end of the book. 4) When we arrived … the railway station, we saw a white house … classic style close by; it was the house our friends had moved … a week before. 5) Our car going … full speed suddenly stopped on the top of a hill; … vain we tried to set the machine … motion; it would not go. We were left … the mercy of the snowstorm with the piercing wind blowing … our faces. 6) You should cut it … half and put it … your pocket instead of tearing it … pieces and throwing it … the fire. 7) The North Pole is no longer inaccessible … mankind. 8) Have you apologized … your teacher for being late? 9) Whatever you learn, you should learn … perfection. 10) There are many subscribers … our newspaper. 11) Look … the box, the paper must be … it. 12) My sister is married … a Frenchman. 13) A heavy weight sinks quickly … the bottom. 14) A real artist always puts life … his pictures.



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